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 Department Overview

Forensic Odontology, like most areas of the forensic sciences, is constantly changing and developing in usefulness to the court systems and the world community. Forensic Odontology is the proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence, which will be then presented in the interest of justice.

In 2015, the college has taken a forward step in the formation of new branch of dentistry, which is Forensic Odontology- first ever in the states of Telangana and Andhra pradesh.


The department is headed by Dr. Sudheer B. Balla, Assisstant professor who acquired his masters’ degree in forensic odontology (MFOdont) from University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom. He teaches forensic odontology to undergraduate students and guides post graduate students with their research work and MDS theses in forensics. He provides expert opinions for the cases referred to the department from police and the Forensic medicine & toxicology department of Osmania Medical College & Hospital, Hyderabad.

He has delivered more than 6 guest lectures in various CDE programs and forensic seminars. He also conducted hands on programme on dental identification and age estimation for post graduates of various dental institutions. He is carrying out research work on a constant basis and has published articles both in national and international journals. Few research studies are going on in collaboration with Department Forensic medicine, Osmania Medical College.

 Forensic casework

The department receives its forensic consultations and cases referred by the police, Department Forensic medicine, Osmania Medical College and private citizens.

These includes cases related to age estimation for children as well as in adults, sex determination of skeletal remains, identification and age at death estimation for unidentified human remains, bite mark investigation and other odontological enquiries.


Undergraduate (BDS) – As per Dental Council of India’s curriculum and Dr. NTR University of Health Science’s guidelines, forensic odontology is covered as a part of Oral pathology (III BDS) and Oral Medicine & Radiology (IV BDS). Teaching of forensic odontology for undergraduates goes in lines as per the guidelines.

The topics includes Introduction of forensic odontology, dental age estimation, bite mark investigation, Comparative dental identification, sex- differentiation using skull, mandible and teeth, Population variation in tooth morphology, dental jurisprudence and record keeping, recent advances in forensic odontology. The teaching is followed by the practical sessions in various aspects. At the end of the teaching programme, the student is expected to develop sound knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects.

 Post Graduate (MDS)

Students of various departments are encouraged to take part in research, as a part of conference presentations and dissertation work. A post graduate student from oral pathology conducted forensic study and won best scientific paper in XIIth Forensic national conference organized by IAFO in 2014. One post graduate from Oral pathology have produced thesis on age estimation. Currently two post graduates from Oral pathology, carrying out dissertations related to this specialty.


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